September 18, 2008

Upcoming Shows

For 2009 I have introduced several new classes. Of course they all use wire and many of them even melt the said wire with a torch. Over the past year my work has shifted a bit to include more low-tech meltalsmithing. Fusing and melting wire has left me in a daze and I love to show it off any chance I get. Plus, hitting things with hammers feels good.

Shows for 2008-2009 include: (will update class links and other show dates as they become available)

Bead Fest: Santa Fe
March 14 & 15th Classes Include: Wire Bezel Wrap, 20 Minute Spiral Ring, The Hug Ring

Bead Away: Las Vegas, Baby
March 26-30th Classes include: Woven Wire Cuff, 20 Minute Spiral Ring, The Breakup Ring, Hug Ring

Bead Expo-Wire: King of Prussia, PA
May 1-3rd

Bead & Button: Milwaukee, WI
May 31- June 7th

Leaf Drop Earrings: These earrings are not only beautiful to behold but quick to make and the techniques can be used to create many different styles and components. At the top is a delicate woven wire cap designed to showcase the semi-precious stone beads below that are wrapped with fine wire to the inside of the frame.

The Hug Ring:
The marriage of fine silver metallurgy and wire weaving brings together the striking form of this ring. Students will learn how to draw a single bead made up of two wires with a torch, shape it into a ring form and apply woven wire embellishment. The variations of this technique are endless.

The Eclipse Chain:
(A fitting name as the first time I taught this class was
during a Lunar eclipse.)

Designed for students who have already been introduced to fusing with fine silver, this chain design is sure to leave those who gaze upon it lost in wonder. The inner rings seem to float freely over one another while the individual texture of each ring catches the eye. Students will cut their own jump rings, review the basics of fusing, fuse a multi-layered chain and add texture to the wire itself.