February 01, 2012

Maeve Elizabeth has ARRIVED

What a difference a year makes! On December 1st my partner and I were blessed with the birth of Maeve Elizabeth. Weighing in at 9lbs 2 oz she made a statement from the beginning. 

I will admit the pregnancy and birth overshadowed everything in my life including my jewelry. Early into the pregnancy my eyesight changed and objects up close became blurred. At night my knuckles swelled up and felt like I imagine my grandmother's felt everyday due to her arthritis. Oh, how youth escapes us so fast. And then this glorious moment happens when everything you have been waiting for arrives and she is so small and so sweet and the aches and pains of pregnancy seem well worth the sacrifice. My most beautiful creation.

2012 brings about many changes. I have had to cut back on traveling and will only be teaching at the Bead and Button show this year. My family lives near Milwaukee and Maeve will be coming along for a wild ride of beads and extended family. Maybe you will meet her there...