August 17, 2009

The Computer Monster

I get quite a bit of flack at home for not posting often enough on my blog. After a bit of soul searching I recognize that I have lost direction in my work. Maybe it is that word alone that has misguided me. WORK It has been almost 2 years since I worked full time for someone else, so I must question why has my brain applied that dirty little word to my favorite thing: making jewelry.

There is a new day dawning here. I am about to move (keep your fingers crossed that all goes well on this front) and I have decided to take the computer out of the studio (can you hear the record scratch in the background?). For me it's like I just said when I move I won't be taking the TV along.

The hope here is that I can separate myself from the noise of tempting clicks to be had and refocus on the quiet inside that guides me to make and create and enjoy the activity that drives me most. While I'm at it I would also like to leave my big beader's butt in the studio whenever I leave. Hmm, it's gonna take a while to figure that one out.