June 24, 2009

Studio Angel

Franklin was the most annoying studio cat ever! When he would hear the hiss of the torch it was like I was shaking food in a bowl. When I sat at my computer, there he was, trying to get his fat little body to fit between me and the desk. He had good taste too, forget the copper wire, sterling wire was where it was at. Oh, and French Bullion Wire is sooo much fun to stretch all over the house.

Rest in Peace Franklin, I'll miss you keeping me company in the studio and only remember your good traits.

Although diabetes is not what brought him down, I owe a huge debt to the Feline Diabetes Message Board for their support during his illness.

A very short list of his nicknames included: Little Bear, Special Sauce, Lunch Box, Frank-n-Stuff, Frankenstein & Cranklin.


  1. I like the little bit of pink tongue! I'm sorry for your cat.

  2. Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. It's surprising how pets will become such a big part of our lives.

  3. I have to admit, Frank listened to my rants and musing alike. If another human were as attentive as that I might be a bit frightened. And that is one of the reasons we can love them so much.