August 27, 2008

The Breakup Ring aka What's in a Name

I've struggled for many years trying to see art in the work that I do. Making jewelry is a lot like a woman chef or hairdresser, it can come naturally and who cares cause it's kinda expected of a girl anyway. Is it just because I like to make pretty things, is there anything deeper behind it? For those who work outside of the established art community it can take some time to discover that much of what we make says something whether we recognize it ourselves or not.
It hit me hardest in 2006. I got dumped. It wasn't like the ending relationship lasted long enough to devastate me, it was more an issue of not being the one to make that decision first. So I got out of bed the next day and went to the jeweler's bench (at the time it had replaced the table in the kitchen). In a single day, with no planned design I made The Breakup Ring and it kicked ass. It was one of those pieces you look at after you're done and get so excited cause you can't believe you just made that.
Since then I have begun to reflect more on each new piece and make a point to discover what brought out the design. (I could try and play it cool here and pretend that I know what I'm
doing when I'm doing it, but alas I'm a little slow in the obvious at times.) These days I find it is all in the name. When I teach a design, I have to title the piece. At times this can turn into a quiz for my friends/family; those who know me best are the ones who usually name it right if I can't.
What's next? don't I wish I knew. I do know it involves fire, let's hope this is a reflection of the fire glowing within. Art is after all messy work.
Something to look forward to: A photo shoot this weekend that will resonate the transitional qualities of human (read: my) relationships over several years in jewelry. Will post those pics soon.

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