August 14, 2008

A Room of One's Own

Once the dishes are done I can move on to the studio. After a summer of bead shows the space is filled with boxes and bags of wire and beads. Each pile representing hours of time absorbing bead sorting. I have decided that I can't work until I get these mountains down to a reasonable hill.

Several months ago two young girls attended my Fused Chain class at Baubles & Beads. The materials list included a quench cup. They brought vintage carnival glass bowls to use as a quench cup. I scoffed at this as I remember these bowls in my Great Grandmother's house, an item we look at but never touch. Weeks later, I found myself wishing I too was cool enough to use an antique glass bowl to quench my red hot rings. I made my way to the monthly Alameda Antique Show and bought myself a small lilac bowl with a gold foil rim and a lovely carved scroll design in the glass. I do believe my fusing has improved since the purchase of this lovely tool.

This week will focus on my studio space and how to make it more of a reflection of who I wish to be as an artist.

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