November 17, 2008

The Lortone Tumbler and You

In many of my classes we talk about how the tumbler is your friend till the end. It can be a big expense in the beginning but after a few uses you will wonder how you ever did without it.
Below is a video from Cool Tools (be sure to check out their other great videos). They were kind enough to make a video explaining how and why we tumble.



  1. Lisa, I found you through a flyer for classes at a bead event. Unfortunately it is too far away. Is your 20-Minute Spiral Ring class offereed online anywhere? If not, would you consider doing it online with me via email? Thanks, Amy

  2. Thanks for the interest in the 20 Minute Ring. It is by far my most popular class and quickest project.

    Many of my classes are available for purchase in kits. Because a class is always preferable to a kit,
    I do offer email assistance for those who bought a kit but missed the class.

    If you are interested, please email/comment to this blog and I will contact you personally via your email address.
    Thanks for checking out the blog.
    I promise I will update soon!!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Lisa! I just got home from Beadfest where I took the 20 minute ring class with you. Loved the class and ordered a tumbler before I left PA only, I won't know how to use it when I get it! I googled your name because I enjoyed the class and lo and behold, here was a tutorial. I'll check back to see what you're up to. Thanks again for the fun class!
    Deb Alitz

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