November 03, 2008

Non Profit anyone?

I am lucky. My mom once said that things seem to always work out for me. If you are reading this blog at home in a heated house, on your own wifi-connected computer then you are lucky too. It's funny how easy it is to forget our own privileges and to respect the idea that these things must be shared in order to be maintained.

Four years ago I joined the board of directors of the Bead Society of Northern California. My original goal of becoming involved with the group was to be able to promote educational beading programs that did not require "turning a profit." Finally our bead society has been recognized as just that, a non-profit.

Over the next couple months I will be compiling a list of groups that need contributions, recognition or volunteer activities. Help me discover other programs that use beads to educate and sustain our communities and cultural diversity. Please comment below or email me any information of groups that you think need the word spread about their activities. I will do my best to share this information with all my students and fellow bead society members.

It all begins with us, check out Beads of Courage by clicking on the picture below.

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